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Jos Z. Caldern

Intersectional Solidarity

He saw that she did not desire to give any further explanation, and he led her on to a balcony. On his way he found her wrap, and as they stood looking into the green park that lay beneath them, he put the wrap round her shoulders. Esmeralda leaned on the rails, and looked down with half-parted lips and thoughtful eyes.Professor Jos Z. Caldern co-authors paper on cross-movement organizing

Pitzer College Admission

No SATs or ACTs for PZ

They had turned down a hill, and were approaching West Wickham. The horses were going at a rattling pace; but he noticed, with an admiration that he could not withhold, that she kept them in hand firmly and with perfect ease.Pitzer adopts a test-blind admission policy for at least three years

Associate Professor of Neuroscience Melissa Coleman

How Bird Duos Create Dovetailing Duets

Lady Ada bit her lip. It was not the time to refer to Norman Druce; she would keep that as a trump card to be played at the proper moment.Keck Professor Melissa Coleman explores the neuroscience behind coordinated birdsong

Professor Suyapa Portillo Villeda

Immigration Speech Stirs Debate

“No, dear,” she said, gravely. “It is cowardly to shrink from the truth—we can not afford it. Mr. Helby often makes some difficulty about the money for even the household expenses. You do not think me heartless for speaking like this, Trafford, dear? But I want you to understand that uncle must not be encouraged in all these wild schemes.”“Very much,” said Esmeralda, demurely. “It was a lovely view, and Lord Trafford let me drive.”Professor Suyapa Portillo Villeda ’96 quoted in LA Times about US Vice President’s message to Central Americans

Yep and Espinoza

A Legacy of Exclusion and Detention

“Is—is Esmeralda ready?”“Yes; it is done,” he said, gravely. She drew a long breath, and he felt her hand close tightly upon his.Read Pitzer Prof. Kathy Yep and staff member Summer Espinoza’s LA Times op-ed, “Migrant children are being sheltered at Pomonas Fairplex. Its not the first time the fairgrounds has housed detainees”

Devon Hartman '77

Solar Powering the Economy

Trafford waved his hand while the house was still in sight, then carefully and gently brushed the rice from Esmeralda’s clothes.Lady Wyndover stared at her.Alumnus Devon Hartman ’77 launches world’s first nonprofit solar panel assembly factory

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Avery Gates

Campus Tour

Join a Pitzer College campus tour with student guides Natalia and Stephen. Discover how students, faculty and staff live Pitzer’s innovative and inspiring core values: Social Responsibility; Environmental Sustainability; Intercultural Understanding; Interdisciplinary Learning and Student Engagement. Natalia and Stephen walk you through our campus from the LEED-certified residential halls to our academic programs such as media studies, Keck Science program and environmental analysis.

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